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The Power of Meditation

The Power Of Meditation. It's so funny, because I've never really accepted meditation as a real thing, let alone powerful, but I was introduced to it in December 2015 while visiting yet a new therapist. She figured that meditation was the best way to collect the scattered thoughts in my head, while also calming down the anxiety that was slowly eating me away. It worked! I started with five minutes, which turned to ten, then fifteen; basically you take the time you need to unwind and refocus your brain into a clear path. There was so much on my mind at this time; my son wasn't doing too well in school, my relationship was rocky, I was starting to hate my job, and I felt that my living condition needed a change. All of these ups and downs that were brewing in my life felt uncontrollable, so I meditated five minutes a day, prayed to God, and burned sage to destroy the negative energy that was clouding my household. Today, I promote meditation as a powerful tool to help those who deal with stress, anxiety, and even depression. This coping method has showed me valuable ways to create inner peace through breathing and thinking freely. Have you meditated today?


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