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Why Another Women's Empowerment Group?

Why Another Women's Empowerment Group? That may be the question that many will ask when A.W.E is launched. My response, "why not?" I feel that all women; no matter race, age, or story must have some form of encouragement in their lives to help them get through the next stage of their life. I honestly wish that I took women empowerment more seriously in my 20's, because it may have saved me from making horrible mistakes, and it may have guided me in a better direction. Although I can honestly say that I have been successful; own a home, good salaried position in corporate america, in a great relationship--- there's still an emptiness that fills me when I wake up in the morning. Then one morning it hit me! There's plenty of successful women living out other people's dreams, but have yet to fulfill or even figure out what their true dream is. My goal is to not just empower wom

en and create a group of women coming together to discuss their baggage and bitterness of life, but to also create better resources to help a woman like me who is trying to renew their passion in life.

Learning how to put yourself first is difficult to do when you have a care-giving heart, but when is the 'right' time? Well for me, the time is when I was near a breakdown, and all I could do was think of what I haven't accomplished in life. Where did my passion go? Why did I have so much fear of doing for me? My time..is NOW, and so is yours. So....why another woman's empowerment group? Well, because there can never be enough advocates for women in this man-driven world, and because you deserve to be a better YOU.


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