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Can Women Really Control Their Emotions?

Many myths and bitter men tend to assume that a woman's emotions is hard to tame. I like to think of us as lionesses looking to be tamed at times. I mean, it really isn't impossible to control the anger that's sometimes within us, even when we've been scorned and disrespected to the highest degree.

I've met numerous women who have tamed that inner demon (called hormones), and have faced the world with a smile bigger than what's seen on an emoji. Could it be prayer? Meditation? Whatever helps, HELPS! I will say that it takes a strong and seasoned woman to really know the depths of her control. She must practice at least three times a day to not just flip off on the first person that works her everlasting nerve, and she must be able to bite her tongue when that lazy man of a husband doesn't wash the dishes or clean the bathroom; we all know that chores don't involve the PS3.

As for me, controlling my emotions is definitely something that I'm learning to practice. Sometimes, you have to extend sarcastic thoughts to those who take you for granted. Controlling your emotions sometimes means to have total silence, and most people take silence for weakness; but no, I'm no pushover. I just know to only speak when needed, and to control my inner "I'm gonna mess you up" attitude as necessary in order to get ahead in life. Silence is soooooo golden, and you honestly feel better when you don't stoop to the level of petty. To know is to grow! Will you practice control today?

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