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It's taken me a few days to fully digest that you are no longer here, and I'm still coping with the reason "why." Why wasn't there any attention to the blatant warnings? Why did we allow you to push us away, knowing that now was the time that you needed us the most.  I felt your demise and prayed on your healing; and although your tongue lashes and mood swings stood at The forefront of many jokes, deep down inside we knew there was pain.  

I really wish that I took the pain more seriously. Many times I read your posts, then shook my head and wondered, when...how will she break?  Just the other day I asked about you. I actually questioned if you were still alive... if you were still the same...

Learning that my intuition has now become present mourning, I can't help but to be angry with myself for not doing something...saying something... But what could have I said? I love you? We love you? That was never enough before.  Maybe a deep hug could've at least held you together a little while longer. 

Dear Brandi, sweetest Brandi. I know that you're sharing your One Woman Show with the angels now, but you will forever have a voice hear on earth. WE LOVE YOU. #DearBrandi


If you or anyone you know is suicidal, there's help! 

#DearBrandi #SuicideHotline #Love #Hope

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