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Crazy is... What Crazy Does

It's amazing how there's still so much negativity and downplay of mental health in the black community. A person can have two close relatives show signs and possibly succumb to their illness, yet it's still translated to them that their relative is "crazy" or "emotionally unstable." Well call me crazy, but I'm pretty sure that if you've noticed someone appearing, speaking, or posting as if something is off...you may want to rethink your approach before it's too late.

It's so funny now; I take it personally when I hear people describe those dealing with mental disorders as being "crazy."  They are NOT crazy, they are ill... they are misunderstood... they are fighting for their lives.  There's nothing worse than being on the verge of a breakdown due to trauma or genetics. At the end of the day, suffering overwhelms the mind, and most have trouble recouping.  What will you do next time you hear that your closest family member or friend is depressed, or maybe even facing an even more serious mental disorder such as schizophrenia or manic depression? Will you laugh at them and turn your back OR will you embrace them and educate yourself so that you may be able to find the resources

To help them? 

Think hard! Your reaction may be the last response you may receive from them. 

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