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I'm Still Fun!

Being an extroverted introvert (yes it does exist) and dealing with depression/anxiety has caused me to drift away from most social engagements and friends.  Even those friends who I felt were close at one time,I've totally fell off with because they didn't take the time to understand what I was going through. Many just assumed that I was being an ass and acting anti-social, when really I was battling hidden demons mixed with confusion of who I wanted to be.  

I didn't want to be that drunk and high "fun" friend that hung out at every club anymore; I wanted to be a mature mother with an education that my child could be proud of, which also brought in good money to take care of home. I didn't know that this transition would make me square and sunken into an unshaken depression.

Yes, I still enjoy going out and having a good time. Dancing is my favorite stress-reliever of all.  I just don't care to do it frequently nor do I care to be a drunken mess and overly sick the next day.  Sometimes I wonder if I still was the same person would I be more happier in my social life. Would I be able to still support my family, hold a great job, have a ton of friends, and not even deal with the mental cycles I deal with today.

Funny thing is that even through the transition of livelihood, I've still managed to be fun. Laughter is good for the soul; I figure as long as I keep cracking jokes, no one would notice that I'm using them for a good time. No one would care about all the hard work I put into getting myself ready for the evening so that wouldn't be a pooper. All that they will see is that I can still have a good time, and hey... I'm still fun.

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