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Eat To Heal... Literally

Realizing that you can't lose weight, because you can't stop eating the foods that make you feel better is a common slap in the face.  I can't think of a month that goes by without a craving of burgers, fries, tons of alcohol, and basically anything with carbs. Yes, I have enough personal trainers as Facebook friends to know that none of these items will help me become a size 6, but why do I feel no remorse when I'm in the moment of destroying the foods that I have a love-hate relationship with. 

Honestly, the emotional eating is something that I've battled with for many years, and the older I get appears to be the most influential reason that I care less about the pounds, and more about the temporary happiness it brings.  That feeling of being satisfied and happy for at least a few moments in time, takes away the agony of trying to lose the weight that never goes away.

Sometimes I have to ask myself if I'm purposely putting myself in the position to become obese just so I can be left alone and pittied; then I realize my vanity is a little too strong for that craziness, yet I still eat...I still crave... and I still feel like crap.

Don't really know whats worse at this point; eating to heal or eating to not feel. I guess that's why they say that some foods are drugs in a sense.  

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