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Why Unplugging Is Necessary 🔌

After having a random yet in depth conversation with my co-worker about the craziness that's going on in politics and our world today, it made me think even more of just unplugging from life.  I say "even more," because I literally just spoke to another colleague about my mental need of taking social media off of my phone. I've already disconnected from television; normally when I come home from a long day of talking and straining my eyesight over a computer, the last thing I want to do is stay up and watch T.V.  The funny thing is that even with all that's going on, I don't even have the tolerance to watch news anymore; especially when there's newscasters all over my timeline.

Anyways, as I approach another birthday, my need to escape has become more necessary.  It's just too much going on that I don't care to experience, and not enough happening that's providing fulfillment in my life, so I'm thinking a few days (maybe weeks) of disconnecting will do me good.

The importance of disconnecting from everything and everyone is all about establishing balance in your world. Yes, of course daily meditation and exercise helps to maintain mental wellness, but there are so many other elements to life that can taint your soul.  If you are starting to feel anxiety and wear or tear on your spirit, here are some good ways to 'disconnect' from life in order to recharge our mental health:

Deactivate your twitter, FB, or IG account for a specific amount of time. (If used for business, use an app that will allow you to schedule your posts. Contact your clients and notify them of other ways to contact you)

Take a solo weekend getaway (this can be as simple as staying at a local hotel or resort. 

Schedule a 'shutdown' day that's solely focused on YOU. This day can be used to pamper, shop, or just rest.

Turn your phone off or keep on vibrate during non-essential hours.

Spend a day around nature. (It's something about watching flowers bloom or catching waterfalls that soothes a clouded mind)

The greatest, and most important thing about disconnecting, is the opportunity to spend time with the most important person... YOU.  Never neglect yourself. 

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