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I don't need you!!

This is what I keep saying to my bottle of antidepressants that I've reluctantly stopped taking for two weeks now.  Each day has been challenging, yet I've managed to hardly miss taking my pills... a few hours out of the day.

Granted when I was first prescribed these meds, although discouraged, I was encouraged to use them as a way to take my edgde off during the times of high anxiety and major depression. I admit that it helped... or was it all in my mind?   The funny thing is that within these last two weeks, I've listed pros and cons between anti-depressants and marijuana, but have yet to decide which will help me cope or 

feel doped up.   

I'm beginning to feel like something has to give, and that maybe I actually do need to depend on medications help me live life.  What hasn't helped is the lack of excercise + increased areas at work + entrepreneurial spells, just overall stress of adulting.  

I guess I will stay motivated in the fact that I don't need my

Meds, but when I do... well, I just won't think about it. It's all in my mind anyways... right

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