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We need better health care from people who CARE!

I’ve thought long and hard before I even decided to post this. However; I’ve never been the kind to back down from expressing my grievances and/or concerns.....

Being an advocate for mental health has been one of the most difficult battles to date. Why?

Well, because it’s such a sensitive topic that no matter the exposure, it’s still considered taboo.

I’ve been dealing with this thing on a very personal level for the past few weeks. I’ve witnessed first hand how the hospital and its medical professionals have handled cases, specifically one in particular.

What I noticed was the following:

**The lack of patience from social workers(due to a high demand and limited resources, no doubt, however; what I saw was major inconsistencies and failure to retain/write down necessary info that’s paramount in their patients diagnosis and/or recovery). Thus delaying many processes for the betterment of the patient. I gave the counselor to this one case in particular information to include names/contact numbers SEVERAL times, yet there was no follow through. Thank God that I’m the way I am. I had already contacted the appropriate people to get the ball rolling. The counselor seemed preoccupied with her break to care. The conversation felt very rushed.

**Unprofessional and Careless attempts to work with patients. Failing to understand the patient before asking multiple repetitious questions. (Some people are so paranoid/anxious, that asking them the same questions repeatedly,will cause them to become more agitated and refuse treatment/help).

I watched first hand as a social worker barged into the room while the psychiatrist attempted to build the trust of the patient. By the social worker failing to wait outside the patient became upset and refused to stay. Thus, causing a setback that lead to a series of unfortunate events.

I watched how the temporary psychiatric ER resembled an actual jail cell. Cold, gray walls that was enough to make anyone believe that they’re losing their minds. Dirty, and no doubt uncomfortable, I’d imagine.

The staff, *sigh*. Listen, when working in a mental health facility or even health care, period....YOU HAVE TO HAVE A HEART OF SERVICE!

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